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JABZ Medical Billing Service “the Bulldogs of Billing”; nobody protects your interests better.

We provide innovative solutions combining medical billing and collection services with one of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Our hands on approach allows us to act as an extension of your staff which permits you and your personnel to focus on practicing medicine and attending to your patients.

Our Services

We are committed to increasing your receivables and decreasing your expenditure. Our services span the entire revenue cycle that includes physician billing, insurance claims filing, patient collections, accounting and data analysis, using advanced software and tools to shorten the collection cycle.

    • Billing Packages
    • A/R Service
    • Balance Billing
    • Practice Management
    • Custom Reports

Better Returns

Our streamlined, cutting edge software enables us to ensure your claims pricing is accurate and up to date.   The JABZ team will continually monitor and update your practice with specific changes to Insurance Carrier fee schedules and reimbursement rules.  Lost revenue can cost your practice between 20% to 40% of your income. For most practices, this lost revenue more than doubles the actual cost of outsourcing.  When you include the lost revenue we will recover for your practice, the return on your investment is immeasurable.

To receive your free information packet or to inquire about our services, please contact us at the address or telephone number below.


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