Beth has recently been awarded her PESC certificate.

This certificate was awarded through the National Provider Enrollment Organization of Decision Health.

As an enrollment and credentialing specialist, Beth has the ability to assist you with licensure, credentialing, contracting and carrier enrollment.

Because of her years of experience in the medical billing industry, taking on the credentialing was a natural transition, and over time has become a big part of the daily Jabz workflow.

Providers from all over the country have contracted with Beth and her staff to have them assist with licensure and privileging, re-validation, re-attestations and the completion of 855 forms.

Provider enrollment for participation with carriers has also become an integral part of the services provided by Jabz. This includes the support and assistance with applications for EFT, ACH and throughout the cash process.

Many offices struggle with credentialing and enrollment until they have reached out to Jabz for their unquestionable expertise in this field.

Many providers have been ecstatically happy with Beth and her team and the services that they have provided.

Read on to see what some of them said:

From: Dr Andrew S

Physical Therapist

Kalamazoo, MI


“I never thought that I would be able to get enrolled with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. They kept telling providers that they did not have open enrollment, and that they were not accepting any more Dr.’s into their network. Beth and her staff were only able to get us enrolled, but they also sis it in record time! Wat a team!  Thanks Beth.”

From: David A Mi, MD


Owings Mills, MD


I was referred to Beth from a colleague that she had provided licensing and privileging for in another state. He raved about her.  I was moving from MD down south and wanted to license with the state that I was moving to so that I could practice there.

I wanted to begin looking for employment prior to my move so that I knew where to look for a residence.

My time frame was three months, although I had been told that the job I had put ahead of Beth could possibly take six to eight months to accomplish, and that was without any application returns.

Beth had me licensed and looking for employment in 10 weeks!

Her price was great, especially considering what she did for me in the short amount of time that she did it!

She also kept me updated with status and the progress of the applications so that I knew what to expect and what I needed to get for her, constantly.

I would recommend Beth to any provider, group, Hospital or clinic that needs a job done in this business.

Great job and certainly professional!


Dr Thomas


Bradenton, FL


Where would I be without you, Beth?

CAQH would have taken me three days to complete. You completed it in a snap!


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