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About Us

JABZ was founded in 1996 by industry expert Beth Yaskin. JABZ Medical Billing was established to assist our Providers with all of their unique Billing needs while providing meticulous care to ensure that their claims are submitted timely and precisely.

Our objective is to take the burden of billing, collection, benefit verification, credentialing and enrollment off of the Doctor’s desk, and provide more time for the doctors and their staff to spend their energy where it is needed; caring for their patients.

Recognizing that there was nowhere to source entire billing cycle management, Beth designed and implemented the unique JABZ system. She and her team now manage the full spectrum of Provider medical billing needs from patient demographic entry to AR collection. In addition,the team at JABZ can provide all of the other components necessary to assist you with the patient process smoothly transitioning through your office. These components can begin with the verification of patient benefits, assisting with any necessary referrals and precertification’s, ICD-10 assistance, coding consultation and look-up, fee schedule look-ups, and much much more.

With a full time staff of trained billing experts, including an in house CPCO and PESC, JABZ is completely client focused and constantly up-to-date on all the latest changes in the insurance industry. We pride ourselves on providing a loyal and dedicated One-Stop-Shop for all of your medical billing and collection needs.

Our Core Team

Beth Yaskin Founder & President

Founder of JABZ Medical Billing Beth oversees all daily operations to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. With over 35 years of experience in the Insurance & Claims processing industry, Beth has the skills and expertise to achieve the results your practice truly deserves. Beth is always advancing and moving forward in training and education to fortify only the highest standards in the industry, and able to maintain the industry’s core values that acknowledge and nourish the long term relationships we have developed with our providers.

Christa G Senior Billing Manager

Christa leverages her extensive industry experience to provide JABZ customers with expert billing, and collection services,as well as patient benefit and verification information. Christa recently celebrated her 10th year as part of the JABZ team and enjoys working hand in hand with Providers to achieve exceptional results.

Victoria P Senior Claims Specialist

As an expert in claims submission, claims tracking and followup, Vicky helps to advocate for our providers. Vicky has been with the JABZ team for 5 years and has achieved a nearly 99% collection rate on outstanding claims and AR. Vicky understands the importance of true customer service and tracks all requests to fruition.

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