Why outsource?

When you outsource your billing to JABZ you increase your cash flow immediately and therefore reduce your Medical Practice costs immediately. JABZ submits your claims Electronically, therefore reducing your in-house costs, and increasing your revenue. Aside from the time factors involved with in-house billing, outsourcing to JABZ takes the headache of processing, submitting, mailing, and following-up on Insurance claims out of your office. JABZ does all of that and more. Outsourcing to JABZ reduces all of your claims related paper work and allows you and your staff the time to spend doing what you do best, caring for your patients. It also allows you less worries about staff turn-over, staff training on Medical Billing Software, constant Collection and Follow-up calls to Insurance Companies and Patients, and the tremendous time and money associated with being on the telephone trying to track down those denied and rejected claims.

What do I need to do to get started?

You simply provide us with a minimum of necessary information, and we can begin submitting your claims Electronically to most insurance carriers in no time.  We attempt to make it as smooth a transition for you as possible.

What happens if an Insurance Carrier does not accept claims Electronically?

JABZ will print those particular claims on a HCFA 1500 form and mail them directly to the Insurance Carrier.

How often do you bill for me?

JABZ wants to make the transition to outsourcing as smooth as possible for you and also attempt to keep things as consistent with the way your office policies are now set-up. If you are satisfied with a bi-weekly billing cycle we will strive to maintain that same consistency. If you would like us to bill weekly we can also do that. We realize that each Providers office is different, so we are as flexible as you need us to be.

Where do my Insurance payments go?

Payments are sent with the EOB's directly to your office. JABZ will do all of the posting, balance billing and collection work from the EOB's.
Payments are sent with the EOB's directly to your office. JABZ will do all of the posting, balance billing and collection work from the EOB's.

What about my Patient's Confidentiality?

JABZ maintains complete confidentiality with all information that comes to us from your practice.

How do I get you the information that you need to do my billing?

JABZ will provide you with samples of Superbills, Daysheets, Patient Registration forms, and all other materials you may need to begin sending information to us. We can customize any type of form you may require to suit the needs of your practice, or you may already be using some type of form that you are happy with and may wish to continue using them. Once you are comfortable with the way you wish to send information, you can send information via the mail, the fax or by E-Mail.

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