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JABZ has put together a unique solution combining comprehensive billing and collection services with a knowledge driven, state of the art system. We utilize the latest technologies in terms of training, software, and hardware to deliver consistent results.

JABZ provides comprehensive reimbursement services. Our services span the entire revenue cycle that include physician billing, insurance claims filing, patient collections, accounting, and data analysis. Using our advanced software and tools we significantly shorten collection cycles.

JABZ can customize your Super Bills, Patient Day-sheets, Patient Statements, Patient Information and Registration Forms, Labels, and Reminders to assist you with the necessary tools to smoothly transition to JABZ as your billing outsource.

JABZ can also customize a multitude of Practice Analysis and Accounts Receivable Reports allowing you to better manage and keep you up to date with your medical practice operations.

What you can expect from JABZ

1 – We consistently focus on your office, regardless of claim volume. Your office is just as important to us as all of our offices.
2 – All of our Staff are trained billing experts and have been in the insurance claims industry for many years.
3 – All calls are answered by one of our staff, personally. We utilize a recorded answering service only after standard business hours.
4 – There is a CPCO on staff at all times.
5 – There is a PESC staffed at all times. NEW!
6 – We attend webinars, training classes, conferences and workshops, routinely, to have the ability and knowledge to assist our providers with all of the latest changes across the Insurance Industry.
7 – We utilize only real time Patient Eligibility and benefit Verification information.
8 – We provide assistance with all of your Referral and Precertification needs.
9 – We provide complete CPT & ICD-10 coding assistance.
10  – We offer provider licensing, enrollment, and credentialing services.
11 – We assist you with revalidations and reassignments.
12 – We handle all denials, rejections, claim follow-up and appeals.
13 – We provide comprehensive financial reporting
14 – AR management, including aged receivables.
15 – Patient Statements, and follow up of non-payment.
16 – We can answer Patient questions and concerns regarding their statements, claims, bills and insurance benefits.
17 – Data entry can be provided from our office, right through your “in-office” EMR system. NEW!
18 – We manage your office’s entire cycle, ranging from Provider enrollment and credentialing to patient demographic data entry, all the way through to your insurance payment posting and AR collection.

Why are we the best?

All of your claims are important to JABZ, no matter how many. We are meticulously working all claims at all times as all claims, like all offices are very important to us as they are to you and always our top priority.

JABZ never charges a start-up fee when you choose JABZ to submit claims on your behalf. We have been working with provider’s offices long enough to know how to make it a smooth transition reducing any additional unnecessary costs to our providers.
Should you opt for JABZ to provide enrollment and credentialing services, then at that time a deposit would be required which is determined by the services you are requesting.

That includes, the entering of all patient demographics, insurance information, subscriber and guarantor information and any notes necessary to keep you abreast of your patient’s insurance status.

JABZ will also provide insurance benefit verification and visit limitation numbers. This information can also be entered into our system to continually provide you with up to the minute, real time accuracy regarding where your patients are in their number of visits that correspond to your treatment plan.

We can keep tabs on the patient’s out of pocket maximums and what they have met at that time.

Also deductible, co-insurance and co-payment amounts can also be monitored through JABZ’s system.

The Multi Services plan also embodies the insurance claim processing, posting of payments, access to Explanation of Benefits and retrieval, claims resubmission, patient balance billing, and insurance and patient collection.

This package includes demographic and insurance data entry and the submission of claims. This package is based on a claim by claim fee and follow up is not included, but can be an add-on.

JABZ offers an A/R follow-up package to collect on your unpaid claims. JABZ uses a unique “soft” approach to successfully collecting on the claims that have been left unpaid due to lack of time, and/or lack of staffing and man-power.

JABZ scrubs every claim prior to processing.

A general industry standard says that on the first pass, only about 70-75% of your claims get paid by the insurance carriers.

With JABZ’s experience and expertise, we can proudly say that in the first pass, 94% of the claims that we submit for you, are resolved the very first time.

If a claim happens to be in that very low 6%, or a claim is returned denied or rejected, JABZ is resilient in decoding the problem and turning it around for payment. You need not keep track of the unpaid claims, as JABZ tracks every claim with vigor, and resubmits timely to avoid any delay in payment.

Because you and your staff will not have the need to chase and pursue unpaid claims, it will free you up to do all of the things that you have been wanting to do but never had the time.

Because the JABZ staff has so many years in the medical billing industry, we are very familiar with the billing and coding of mostly all provider specialties. If we need to find updated coding, we know exactly the resources to go to be sure that your claims are processed correctly and properly.

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